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The Uplift Family Album

  • Tom Munnecke
    Ambassador of Kwan when it comes to creating cascades of uplift.
  • Good Apples
    In Tom Munnecke's own words: "Good Apples positive media syndication. I am looking at ways of "elevating" public perspectives through Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology models. Perhaps this could be a syndication means for folks in the Uplift Academy."
  • Jerry Michalski
  • Xiao Qiang
    Berkely China Internet Project
  • Christer Sturmark
    Christer Sturmark is an entrepreneur, author, and global defender. He has written three books on the social and cultural values that will shape our future and gives lectures on the values of the new, global, networked society.
  • Dave Pollard
    Fellow Canadian with a remarkable cookbook for uplift in all it's glorious forms. Environmental philosopher and social venture coach
  • Philip Cubeta
    Charitable Cheerleader
  • Ted Ernst
    One of the colleagues I've come to respect deeply on for his passionate and compassionate contributions for making the world a better place.
  • Pierre Omidyar
    Technologist, founder of eBay, trying to make the world a better place.
  • Ross Mayfield
    CEO of Socialtext Inc.
  • Evelyn Rodriguez
    The generalist synthesist weblog - quite often about innovations in innovation and marketing. Juxtaposing the right brain and left. Yin and yang. Analytical and intuitive. Technical and visceral. Future and in-the-now. Intersection of technology, creativity & innovation, leadership, systems, beliefs and worldviews. Eventually, on-the-road coverage from a world journey to the emerging creative class centers of the world.
  • Alan Nelson
    STG is the nexus of a network of bloggers committed to raising awareness for small charities around the world. Every three weeks this space highlights a new “micro-charity”—a small, inspiring charity, one with a real face and where $1 makes a difference—and the bloggers in the network link to that post, sending traffic, and awareness, the charity’s way.
  • Hamlet Linden
  • Rose Vines
    I'm a writer, technology journalist and social activist.

My Other diaBlogues

  • Operation Tinman
    Giving technology a heart. Community capacity building supported by social technology, one byte at a time. For people with "thinking infections" and other explorers.
  • The Edible Computer
    A continued Festival of Innovation followup to my syndicated computer column on CBC Radio Canada.
  • Things That Work: Simple Ways to Healthier Communities
    Description: In every day there are moments of uplift hidden in the simplest acts. What inspires you to share and celebrate the little things that work so well?
  • Adventures with the Estrogen Army
    If I was going to fight affluence -- flesh and words and schedules and sorrows -- I would have to cultivate an underground railroad of allies to show me the way out. I gathered them up, these women, these sage and wisened conscripts, and went to war ...


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One-Line Bio

Syndicated Computer Columnist + Community Technology Strategist + Connector


Syndicated computer columnist with CBC Radio Canada, keynote speaker, freelance writer, soundtrack composer, passionate advocate for kids at risk, digital diva, imagineer, purveyor of random acts of uplift, bridge builder and connector, deeply curious explorer of community champions and capacity building, my own ambassador of kwan ;^)

Philanthropist with a great passion for community capacity building. Favourite elevator:

Passions ...
community capacity building, serving as a spokesperson, advocating on behalf of kids at risk, my 6 year old foster son in Zambia

storytelling in all it's forms (written, music, photography, art), composing earcandy for film

the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

digging in the telegarden

punch-buggy, free jellybeans, purple crayons, chasing tornadoes, commnunity superheroes, long thoughts, living out loud

tinkering under the hood of humanity

to be in the presence of great thinkers, compassionate hearts and good friends ... to take risks ... to dream big ... to be in the service of children and disenfranchised souls .... to learn something new each day

Activities ...

collecting people+ideas >> building bridges >> slaying community dragons

Board of Directors and committees for various non-profit organizations. Latest piece of serendipity: beginning to work with Grassroot Soccer. They use professional soccer players as "player educators" to deliver a really innovative educational AIDS program for youth in Africa. The program was started by Ethan Zohn (winner of Survivor: Africa), in partnership with Dr. Tommy Clark (pediatric intern and educator), Kirk Friedrich, and Methembe Ndlovu. (common link: they were all pro soccer players with the Highlanders in Zimbabwe at one point). Some of the most incredibly passionate and compassionate people I've ever met in my life. Ask me about it ...

"The Big Hug" project I've launched to raise money for the purchase of "couple-friendly" beds for palliative care units in hospitals. No one should die without their life-partner's arms around them, especially because we haven't figured out how to make a bariatric hospital bed big enough to enable this. My mom's six-year journey with breast cancer ended last year in a very painful way, and I'm determined to make that path easier for other people like her, and their mates, through this project. Go ahead and ask me about it ...

composing soundtracks. currently enrolled in a Music for the Media course with the London School of the Creative Arts, U.K.

spreading the meme


composing, reading, writing, soccer mom, random acts of uplift