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July 27, 2004

A Telling Cliché: The Desert Aisle

So I'll start here: my books, the things that I covet most, to the extent that there are things that I covet. (Okay, so I do covet chocolate, and cherry lifesavers, and maybe sushi ... maybe a lot, but I'm not about to let that derail my train of thought, because that's another list, and this is not.)

The books. From the very earliest moments in our lives as explorers, they are our portals. They are our gateway to the world, and to the universe, and to the delicious nooks and crannies of our very own soul. They are a collective footprint for who we are, and what we believe, and how comitted we may be to expanding our horizons through sometimes disparate points of view. They allow us to change our world to something grand and worth having at times when it feels it is not. They challenge us to be daring, and brave, and hungry. They tickle long, sweet veins of curiousity and exquisite, 3-day-long thoughts that plant themselves like tendrils in the fertile soil of our conscience and soul.

So here's my window. It's a small place to start, but full of rich and daring adventures that I've completely loved. Perhaps they will move you too ...

click here to explore ...

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