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July 27, 2004

Blogged, Not Flogged: Planting Seeds ...

A few weeks ago I met a bunch of people who gave me a great big "thinking infection". It's a term my daughter coined when she was four-years-old, and the best way I can describe the double-edged sword of a retreat that's created both a fountain of innovation and a crisis.

The crisis part is the result of far too many active ideas having planted themselves in my head, and finding myself overwhelmed as they try to take root. It's the very thing that finally motivated me to dive into the wonderful world of blogs. A colleague suggested this was the one way (place? thing?) that would help me begin to sort out and manage this noisy cacophony of thoughts and the boisterous relatives that they bring along for the ride.

I'm sure there are lots of elegant ways to get such big thoughts out, and down, in a way that makes them worth sharing. But for now I'll just start here:

- topic maps

- The Brain (tm)

- community capacity building

- deep thinkers with philanthropic souls

That's the mix, and if I get it right, I suspect it's a recipe for something profound.

Because sharing these things in a braindump to a mailing list might get one summarily flogged, I thought I'd try to find simple ways of starting to tell the story of why I think these are important things to be thinking about, and especially in relation to one another.

Forgive me while I fumble, and please, please, please join in and help me as I do! What's at stake may be nothing more than my sanity, but what's to be gained is the possibility of healthier, happier communities and the people that live in them.

Consider yourself invited. This ain't no monoBlogue ... ;^)

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Welcome to the world of blogs...

May good things come


Posted by: Tom Munnecke | Jul 28, 2004 2:23:10 AM

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