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August 15, 2004

Sidelined, but back at it ...

So, I decided to try a new kind of surfing. It involved the back porch steps, a good dose of salt over the winter, eroded mortar, and a pair of red boots. I didn't win the battle. I didn't get to my meeting. Enough said.

Sitting at the 'pooter these days is somewhat of a challenge. Managed to tear the lateral ligaments and ACLs in my left leg because I thought a Zimmer leg brace and crutches might make an interesting fashion statement. Yesterday developed a blod clot in the leg to remind me why taking mobility for granted -- and I don't mean 802.11g -- is something I ought not do.

So, I've been sidelined, and this presents an interesting dilemma. My life, which is technocentric (and that may perhaps be one of the biggest understatements I've uttered yet), is back in a familiar holding pattern as it was in '92 when I first went down this road: unplugged. It's a double-edged sword, that one, and one I proudly came to terms with at a recent retreat. I was invited to spend the weekend with a handful of pioneers and compassionate souls, most of us resembling an odd twist on the Borg collective when it comes to the umbilical cord between us and our laptops as we sit in the same room chatting both in person, and via our gadgets. It was the first time I'd chosen to leave the beast at home, and simply listen, take it all in.

It was delightful.

While I'm anxious to resume this journey, there's something to be said for getting that little tap on the shoulder that says "slow down," and then promptly puts your gluteus maximus square on the DL list. Given the chance, I would be wired from dawn to dusk, because there's such a rich playground and braingym to feed my constant appetite for learning, and discourse, and community uplift. But, for now, the pace will be slowed, and I'll reaquaint myself with the red bell peppers and the gerbera daisies out back, while I try to get the steps of this new dance just right.

It's the one where a life is called back into balance again, one foot in cyberspace, and the other firmly entrenched in meatspace once again.

I've left this journey hanging while I've been on the mend, but I will find a way to continue taking steps with it again, because I think that the idea of communities using technology to collaborate on transparency, accountability, problem solving, uplift and sustainability, is a terribly important one. There are some interesting things afoot right now in a number of them, and convergence seems to be the word of the day.

Hoping to engage a few kindred spirits along the way with this, and turn it from a conversation with myself into a discourse that allows us to share a few good ideas about the things that are working best in healthy communities.


(A bit more food for thought on coping with unplanned downtime here in my "Things that Work" blog ...)

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